“Fergal is one of the easiest people we’ve ever worked with. Totally open to suggestions and very accommodating. He has re- mastered two classic re-issues for The Stunning. ‘Paradise in the Picturehouse’ and ‘Tightrope’. Hear them for yourself”
— Steve Wall

“A gentleman, a talent and a bloody hard worker. Fergal puts EVERY other engineer/studio boffin
in Ireland to shame as he seems incapable of looking at a clock in the studio let alone abiding by it.
Musicians will go all day in a studio but we (Pugwash) would have to remind Fergal of the time. It
made working with him a pleasure as opposed to a pain. He also has a fine taste in comedy!”

   — Thomas Walsh “Pugwash”

“When we go to mastering with Fergal we know that we don’t have to worry about a thing because we know we are  with a complete professional.  He is very easy to work with and everything gets done in a nice relaxed way with no stress or strain. As for the end result we are always very happy and when we take it home to listen on our own systems , if we need any tweeks he always does it without any fuss”
— Paul Linehan -“The Frank And Walters”

“I’ve known Fergal for many years now. He has mastered just about every recording I have been involved in with Aslan and other bands I have produced. He gives the same quality attention to every project, big or small. Fergal is a pleasure to work with and we have had a lot of laughs together. A truly nice guy and total professional, with an amazing ability to hear the smallest ‘hiccup’. I’ve always been super happy with Fergals mastering…wish I had his ears”
— Joe Jewell

“We have worked with Fergal on acts as diverse as Fight Like Apes and Mary Coughlan. He is a pleasure to do business with”
— Roger Quaill “Rubyworks Records”

“Fergal is a pleasure to work with and has never failed to please our ears! His years of experience,
professional ear and relaxed approach offer a reassurance and quality of sound that has been a real
benefit to us as a band, we would have no problem in recommending him to other bands and
musicians. He’s the best around, and we’re lucky to have had the pleasure of working with him!”
— Ross McCormick “Delorentos”

“Fergal Davis is a true professional, who puts a lot of thought into his work, making it an absolute
pleasure to work with him. His service is fast, the rates are great and most importantly, his masters
are gold!”
— “Penilane” Windhoek, Namibia

“Fergal is a technical wizard, a great producer, engineer and musician, a gentleman, a consummate
professional, and has the most precise ears in irish music”
— Mik Pyro   “Republic of Loose”

“Fergal has always provided a very efficient and friendly service for us, and some brilliant sounding masters as well- just check out Sweet Jane’s Nights in White Satin
— Reekus Records